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Arrival and departure


Which way is the fastest to get to the fair from the house of youth?

Take the bus 46 direction "Römerhof", which runs every 30min and get off at Hauptbahnhof. From there it is a 10 min walk or take U4 (underground train) for 1 stop “Messe“or the Straßenbahn (train)16 to „Messe/Festhalle“.


Or walk 8min to the station „Lokalbahnhof“ and take the S2, S3 or S5, get of at „Messe“. The S-Bahn station is at the backentry of the fair, diadvantageous for fair visits.


Or take the Strassenbahn 16 from “Lokalbahnhof“ and get of at „Messe/Festhalle“


The ride will take about 30min


More info: www.rmv.de

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How much is a cab to the airport/ to the Hauptbahnhof?

ca. 35.-€ / ca. 15.-€

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How do I get to the youth hostel from the airport?

At the airport trainstation, take the S-Bahn (S8 & S9) direction Frankfurt city and get of at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (Mainstation).


At  Hauptbahnhof take the S-Bahn (S3, S4, S5) to Lokalbahnhof from  Hauptbahnhof. Walk the Dreieichstrasse down to the river and then turn left and walk parallel to the river.


If you are coming with the car, drive into the city (Stadtmitte) until you reach the river.

Please follow the signs to the next parkhouse (it schould be in the Walter-Kolb-Str.).

We do not have Parking places near the hostel.

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How do I get to the youth hostel from the Hauptbahnhof?

Take the S- Bahn (S2, S3, S4, S5) to Lokalbahnhof. Walk the Dreieichstrasse down to the river and then turn left and walk parallel to the river.

If you are coming by car, take the direction Sachsenhausen. The best way is to follow the parking guidance system to theparking lot  Walter-Kolb-Strasse (Alt-Sachsenhausen). There are no parking lots at the hostel.

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How do I get to the youth hostel from the airport Frankfurt Hahn?

There is a regular bus connection from the airport to the Hauptbahnhof. For more information: www.bohr-omnibusse.de. The other possibility is to get with TERRAVISION to Offenbach-Kaiserlei, from there take the puplic tranportations to the youth hostel. For more information: www.terravision.com and www.rmv.de

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Where ist a parkinglot (car, bus, bike)?

There is a charge free spot for travel busses right in front of the hostel.


Possibility to lock your bikes at a dugout.


There is a close by parking lot for cars (Parkhaus Alt Sachsenhausen, Walter - Kolb - Stasse 16, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Tel. 069/2998-8944; Charge: 1,-- € / hour, max. charge for 24 hours is 16,-- €).

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Till when can I check in, when do I have to check out?

You have the possibility to check in from 1pm- 2am. You can stay in the room till 9.30am of the day of your departure. We do have a luggage room, where you can leave everything for 24h.

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How can I make a reservation at the Haus der Jugend?

The easiest way is to click on this link


mail us your reservation request at  info(at)hellofrankfurt.de


reserve online at www.djh-ris.de or www.HIHostels.com


fax your request to our number  + 49 69 61 00 15 99.

Category: Reservierungen
Do I have to be a member of the Hosteling International association to stay at the Haus der Jugend?

Abridgement from the Homepage of the LV Hessen:

The Condition to be able to get accomodated by a youth hostel of the tour operator is to be a member of the Deutschen Jugendherbergswerk or of an other association of the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF). You can get the member ship on the spot as well.


For more information, click  here...

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Is there an age-restriction?

There is no age restriction for anyone older than 16. Guests that are under 16 years old can't check-in alone into our youth-hostel.

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How long can I stay at the hostel?

Single travelers are able to stay a maximum of seven nights.

Category: Reservierungen
What does junior and senior mean?

People under 27 years are in the ”hostel-language” considered as juniors.

Seniors are the people over 26 years and they have to pay a little bit more for a stay in a youth hostel.

Category: Reservierungen

Prices, information und service


Can the Haus der Jugend reserve an other youth hostel for me?

We can reserve an other youth hostel for you within Germany and for certain foreign countries, we could use our online booking system.There is a charge of 10% of the habitation fee.

You can make your own reservations in other hostels at our Internet- Terminal at www.HIHostels.com charge free.

Is there a markup or surcharge at the Haus der Jugend during a fair?

No, you will pay the same price. But you might want to consider that during the time of a fair, we are often completely booked, which means for you, to make a reservation in advance. You’ll find the dates of fairs here: http://www.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/en/besucher/welcome.html

Are there special price offers for families?

Parents in company of their underage children pay in general the junior price of the chosen category.

Children younger than 2 years are allowed to stay for free.

Children of the age of 3- 14years are only paying 50% of the regular price.

Family Special: If you are staying for 3 nights and one them is a sunday night, you will only pay for 2 nights.

How many rooms/ beds does the Haus der Jugend have?

The accomodation  (Jugendherberge) has 432 Beds in 122 individuell bedrooms (1-8 beds per room) Well arranged for the stream of visitors from all over the world. 10 Rooms are appointed for people in wheelchairs.

We highly recommend to make reservations in advance.

Do I have to bring towels and bedclothes?

Our beds are always covered with fresh bedclothes. You will find fresh towels for your use in our single- and double bedrooms.

Where can I leave my valuables?

While you are a resident of the hostel, you can leave your personal belongings in a locker. You will get a padlock for a deposit of 10,-- €. For more valuable belongings, please ask the service at the reception.

Where can I lock my luggage?

You can store your luggage for 24h in a separate luggage room for a deposit of 10,-- €.

What are the business hours at the Haus der Jugend?

We are open from 6.30am – 2.00am. There is someone at the reception for 24 hours, but between 2am- 6.30am is no entry.

Is there a washing machine and a dryer in the house?

There are two washing machines and two dryers in the house. Washing costs 3, - € including detergent. Drying costs 2, - €. There is also a laundrette within 5 minutes walking distance on Wallstraße (Sunday closed).

Does every room have their own bathroom and toilet?

Our comfort rooms do have their own bathroom and toilet. The lower priced rooms don’t have their own bathroom/WC.

Are pets allowed at the hostel?

Unfortunately not.

Does the Haus der Jugend have baby cribs available?

You don’t have to bring your own. The youth hostel has sufficient cribs.

What are the noise regulations?

The sleeping area should be quite at 11.30pm. There are plenty of other areas in the hostel where you can spend your time awake.

Is there a smoking area in the hostel? If yes, where?

There is no smoking area in the house, because of the administrative fire prevention, but there are outdoor smoking areas.

Are the rooms split in genders?

The shared rooms are split in genders. Groups or guests, who are using full rooms, can obviously decide for their own.

Can I get something to eat at the hostel at night?

You can get dinner in our diningroom from 6.00pm - 7.30pm, but there is cold and warm food in the cafeteria till late at night.

At what time do you serve breakfast, lunch and dinner?

We serve breakfast at 7.00am to9.00am, lunch at  12.30pm to 2.00pm and dinner from 6.00pm to 7:30pm. All meals are served as buffets.


Breakfast is inclusive, every other meal costs 5,-- €. There is no reservation needed for single guests.

Is there a possibilty to get vegetarian food?

Our buffets always includes vegetarian alternatives.

Does the Haus der Jugend have conference rooms?

The house has 11 conference rooms with accordant techniques.

We sell the following tickets for the public transportation:

Hotel guest ticket: cityarea Frankfurt and airport, 1 person, 2 days, 10,10 €

Frankfurt Card: cityarea Frankfurt and airport, additional reduced rate for museums, zoo,Palmengarten, city tours etc

Single ticket: 10,50 € (1-dayticket), 15,50 € (2-dayticket)

groupticket (max. 5 ppl): 22,00 € (1-dayticket),32,00 € (2-dayticket)

What can I do with my free time at the Haus der Jugend?

Play billiard, table top football, ping-pong. You will get the equipment for a deposit at the cafeteria.

Is there a wireless connection or an internet terminal?

Individual guests can use free Wi-Fi in the reception area and in our cafeteria, subject to availability. For our conference guests there is also the possibility to book a cahrgeable group access, which is usable in the meeting rooms.

Touristic information und service


What other hostels are nearby?


Jugendherberge Bad Homburg (Tel.: 06172/23950, Fax: 06172/22312) ca. 15 Km,

Jugendherberge Darmstadt (Tel.: 06151/45293. Fax: 06151/422535) ca. 35 Km.

Numbers of the most needed embassies:

USA 069/75350, France 069/7950960, Spain 069/9591660, Italy 069/75310, Japan 069/2385730

What is the phonenumber of the airport and the Hauptbahnhof?

01805-3724636 and 01805-996633

What can I do in Frankfurt at night?

A lot and to much to just write you an answer. Just ask the lovely service at the reception. If you want to plan something in advance go to: www.journalfrankfurt.de

What is a typical souvenir to bring from Frankfurt?

Bembel (Applewine mug), Bethmännchen (lokal sweets)

Where is the closest supermarket? Till when is it open?

At Lokalbahnhof REWE 10.00pm/ Walter-Kolb-Str. 13 Tegut 22.00pm.

Where is the next doctor, the next hospital, the next drugstore?

Because of the convenient location of the hostel, you can walk to diverse doctors, drugstores and hospitals.

Where is the closest gym?

The next gym is on the  Zeil, about a 15 min walk.or 5min with the bus or a 5min walk to Dreieichstr.

Where are the closest museums? Are they open every day?

We have a large number of museums close by, so that you can just walk over (2- 15min). Most of the museums are closed on mondays, except the Senckenbergmuseum, the Goethemuseum and the Experiminta (9-14).

Where do I get touristic informations from?

Tourismus-Information - Kaiserstr. 56 - Tel. 069 / 21 23 88 00. Internet: www.frankfurt-tourismus.de (businesshours Hauptbahnhof monday-saturday 8.00am – 9.00 pm, sunday 9.30am – 8.00pm).

Where is the best place to get applewine?

The applewine “area” begins directly behind the house „Alt-Sachsenhausen“. Walk 10min to the well known Schweizer Straße, with her numerous applewine localities.

Where do I get the best view of Frankfurt from an upper level?

Main Tower / viewing platform, prices: regular:7,50 €, discount:5,00€, families (2 Erwachsene, 2 Kinder): 19,00 €

From the 7th floor in the restaurant in  Kaufhof at the end of the main shopping street Zeil.

Or from the top of the cathedral (Bartolomäus-Dom/students 2,00€ adults 4,00)

Where is the closest shopping street or mall?

Zeil is the next shopping street, walk over in 10min or take the bus 36/30 for 5min.

There is a small shopping center on Dreieichstrasse, it’s a 5 min walk.

Where do I find a bike rental? What are the business hours? How much is it to rent a bike?

„Nextbike“ offers bike for rent (5,-- € for 24 Stunden und 1,-- € / Stunde). They have locations all around the hostel.

More information: www.nextbike.de

Where is the next indoor and outdoor swimming pool?

For information go on: www.bbf-frankfurt.de