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Frankfurt am Main – Cosmopolitan city with flair

Between the first documented mentioning of Frankfurt and its present role as an international finance place and the birth of the techno- sound, a lot of water ran down the Main. German history was written in Frankfurt and Germany’s most famous poet wrote history in this city.

Frankfurt a. M. is undoubtly the city with the most impressive skyline in Germany. Surnames like Mainhattan and Bankfurt don’t exist without reason. The city in the heart of Germany and Europe features a lot of facets and contrasts. Not far from the skyscrapers you will find comfortable Ebbelwoi-Bars, beautiful parkways and an overwhelming offer in culture: 36 museums, 109 Art galleries, about 30 Theatres, numbers of Concert halls, a world respected Opera.... 

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The Römer was the city hall of Frankfurt in the center of the old town since  1405. The integration of the medieval buildings was endued in the 19th century with a neo-gothic facade. The most important room is the Kaisersaal with oilportraits of all the 52 german imperators since Karl dem Großen.

The cradle of democracy in Germany - 1848 met the first german parliament which was free elected. Today, among other events, is the awarding of the peace price of the german book trade. Well worth seeing is also the 32 meter large roundpainting of Johannes Grützke.

From 1356 the king was elected in the St. Bartholomäus Dom. From 1562 to 1792 even the imperator was crowned here. After the Dom was burned down in 1868 it got the late gothic 95 m tall tower.  Visitors can climb up its tower between April and October. The Cathedral museum houses treasures such as a Gothic liturgical vestment from 1350 and a gold-plated shining monstrance from 1720.

Goethehaus und Goethemuseum
The parental house of the great poet shows the original living culture and art selection of the time period.

The first and only skyscraper in Frankfurt with a visitor platform 205 m high and a restaurant with a fantastic  view of the city and its surroundings.

Zeilgalerie with a roof terrace /7th floor restaurant Galeria Kaufhof
Is unfortunately  demolished after a relatively short lifetime (24 years).  Next door in the restaurant of the Kaufhof Galeria on the 7th floor you also have a nice view of the towers of the city.

Alte Oper
The Alte Oper was true according to the original rebuilt in 1981 and is today one of the most renowned concert halls in Germany.

Alte Börse
The building with the cupola in renaissance style still harbors a small part of the stock trading. A visit of the gallery is possible with an advanced reservation.

Botanic garden with plants from all over the world.

Zoological Garden
In the middle of the city you will see face to face the most exotic animal races. One of the many attractions is still the night animal house of Prof. Bernhard Grzimeks, beside the new seal place, a new monkey house and a new wild animal enclosure.

Through the weekend you can drive in a historical trainwagon through the city and try Frankfurt’s national drink Ebbelwoi (Applejuice is also available).

Directly behind the Youth Hostel is the“Applewinequarter“ with a lot of old framehouses.

On both sides of the Main are several museums lined up.
Portikus (exhibition hall), Museum of World Cultures, German Filmmuseum, German Architect Museum, Museum for communication, Bibelhouse, Städel, Liebigmuseum, Museum Giersch, Jewish Museum, Historical Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Kunsthalle Schirn, Archaeological Museum

More Museums:
Senckenbergmuseum (natural scientific Museum), Children Museum, Dialogmuseum (Blindmuseum), Explora (Museum of Techniques), Shockheadedpeter Museum, Moneymuseum

Following websites offer a great overview of Frankfurt:



Fun for young and old

  • Zoo and Botanical Garden
  • Platform of the Maintowers
  • Trip with the applewine express (weekends)
  • Interesting museums with workshops and programs especially for kids: Filmmuseum, Communicationmuseum, Städel, Senckenbergmuseum (Dinosaurs!), Dialogmuseum, etc.
  • Numbers of theatres with programs for kids
  • Adventuretrip at the airport
  • Boat trip on the Main
  • City tour with the Velotaxi (April to the end of October)
  • Adventureplaygrounds
  • Sport live, for example: soccer games, ice hockey and Hochseilgarten/Kletterhalle
  • Bowling

Trips around Frankfurt

  • Römerkastell Saalburg (castle) close to Neu-Anspach
  • Hessenpark close to Neu-Anspach
  • Ship tour to  Mainz or Rüdesheim
  • Opelzoo in the Taunus
  • Adventurepark Lochmühle in Wehrheim
  • Castle Freudenberg in Wiesbaden
  • Mathematikum Gießen