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Perfect for Groups

A friendly smile at the reception during check-in, freshly made beds, in all rooms,  comfort in various room categories with a wide range of prices – these are our trademarks.

We offer shared rooms in different categories for students and other group guests. Teachers, guides and other group managers as well as bus drivers can have single or double rooms with a shower/WC. 

 A valid group hostel pass is required for group accommodation in our hostel.

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We offer groups accommodation with half board (accommodation, breakfast and one other meal). 
Prices per night per person for accommodation/half board in 2017 for groups of at least 11 persons

Room Category Total Beds Junior (under 26 years) Senior (over 26 years)
8 beds 110 beds 25,50 € 30,00 €
4-beds with sink in room 142 beds 28,50 € 33,00 €
4-beds with a shower/WC 97 beds 33,00 € 37,50 €
2-beds with sink in room 24 beds 33,00 € 37,50 €
2-beds with a shower/WC 50 beds 39,00 € 43,50 €
Single bed with a shower/WC 10 beds 44,50 € 49,00 €

Half board includes the overnight stay, bed linen and breakfast (rolls, bread, butter, cheese, cold meat, jam, coffee, tea) as well as one more meal.

Full board includes breakfast plus two meals for a surcharge of € 6,00. Guests can choose between a hot lunch and a hot or cold dinner or a lunch package.

Of course, vegetarian alternatives are also available.  If you need only bed and breakfast, the half board price will be reduced by 3,00 Euros.

Discounts are available for: groups that stay at least three nights and/or if the arrival is on a Sunday; accommodation between November and February; and for specific schools.
More information is available in our detailed list of discounts.

Typ Junior bis 26 Jahre Senior ab 27 Jahre
8-10 Bett-Zimmer 22,00 € 26,50 €
4 Bett-Zimmer mit Waschbecken 25,00 € 29,50 €
4 Bett-Zimmer mit Du/WC 29,50 € 34,00 €
Doppelzimmer mit Waschbecken 30,50 € 35,00 €
Doppelzimmer mit Du/WC 35,50 € 40,00 €
Einzelzimmer mit Du/WC 40,50 € 45,00 €