Terms and Conditions of HAUS DER JUGEND

Requirements for accommodation in our hostel

A valid membership card of the German youth hostel association (Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk) or any other association affiliated with Hostelling International is required for your stay at HAUS DER JUGEND FRANKFURT.
Groups will be received only if a responsible adult chaperone accompanies the party. The chaperone has to stay at the youth hostel. He/She will deal with HAUS DER JUGEND FRANKFURT in all questions concerning the stay and the payment.


Individual guests and families can reserve in written form, by fax or by telephone. For groups, the reservation has to be in written form (except for last-minute reservations three days or less prior to the arrival date).
The reservation of individual guests, families and groups of up to 10 people will be binding by the written confirmation of HAUS DER JUGEND FRANKFURT. Groups with 10 or more guests will receive a contract with a deadline. To validate the contract HAUS DER JUGEND FRANKFURT must receive the confirmation by that deadline.


Individual guests and families pay when they check-in at the reception. Groups have to pay the costs on the date of arrival. We accept cash, MAESTRO, VISA or MasterCard. In some cases, HAUS DER JUGEND FRANKFURT will insist on (sometimes partial) payment prior to arrival. Requests to pay by invoice must be submitted in writing.

Cancellation and Reducing the Number of Beds

Individual guests can cancel by 9am Frankfurt time on the date of arrival. Guests who have booked a single or double room, families and groups of up to 10 persons, must cancel in writing least one week prior to the arrival date.
Groups must cancel in writing. These cancellations must be reconfirmed in writing by HAUS DER JUGEND FRANKFURT. The cancellation must be received by HAUS DER JUGEND FRANKFURT at least four (4) weeks prior to the arrival date. The same applies if the number of beds is reduced by more than 20%. In that case, no cancellation will apply. All other agreements with longer or shorter cancellation dates must be in written form. For group reservations and cancellations less than four weeks prior to the arrival date, cancellation fees will apply.

Cancellation fees

In case of late cancellation or in case of a reduction of beds by more than 20% less than four (4) weeks prior to the arrival date, HAUS DER JUGEND FRANKFURT charges cancellation fees. HAUS DER JUGEND FRANKFURT charges a flat cancellation fee or compensation as follows:

If the cancellation deadlines are not kept, a compensation of 30% of all ordered services per person per night is charged for cancellations up to one week prior to the arrival date, 60% for cancellations less than one week prior to the arrival date and 75% for cancellations,within the last 2 days before the arrival date. Guests who have booked a single room or a double room and families and groups of up to 10 persons who cancel less than one week prior to the arrival date have to pay a 60% or 75% cancellation fee, respectively.
In case the number of arriving guests is 20% lower than the number of beds ordered, the cancellation fee will be charged for the difference to the number of beds ordered, In this case, the compensation is 20% per person per night or 40% per person per night for cancellations less than one week before the arrival date.

For no-shows (reservation but no arrival), a compensation of 80% for all arranged services will be charged. The proof of a lesser damage is reserved.

Excerpt from hostel rules

The latest arrival time is 6:00pm. A later arrival time should be arranged by writing. We take a deposit of € 50,-- for keycards and even a higher deposit, if extensive cleaning is necessary. We charge € 20,-- per hour, whether full or partial , for additional cleaning and repair costs, if the work can be done by our hostel staff. Otherwise, we charge you the full amount charged by the company we appoint.

HAUS DER JUGEND FRANKFURT can be only responsible for valuables (Passport, money, cameras) up to the amount of € 250,-- which were deposited in our safe in exchange for a receipt. To lock the locker in your room, please bring a padlock or borrow one from us (deposit € 10,-- per padlock).
The hostel is completely non-smoking and is equipped with fire detectors. For causing a false alarm, you will be fined the sum of € 770,00.

Musical instruments are only permitted if they are relatively quiet. In case of disturbance, the group leader is requested to stop the noise. The same rule applies in case we notice that members of your group are drunk, despite of our no-alcohol-rule in the hostel. Drunk guests must leave the hostel.

At arrival there are fresh sheets on your bed. Before your departure, please take off the sheets and put them in the containers provided on the floor.

At the time of your departure, one of our employees will check your rooms. We expect that the rooms are generally clean. Then the deposit will be returned. Please calculate about 15 minutes for your checkout.

Important times

HAUS DER JUGEND FRANKFURT closes between 2:00am until 6:30am. Check in starts at 1:00pm.

Our meal times: Breakfast 7:00-9:00am; Lunch 12:00am-1:00pm; dinner 6:00-7:00pm; special arrangements are possible.

Compliance with hostel rules is part of this contract.

Holder of HAUS DER JUGEND FRANKFURT is the independent and non-profit association Haus der Jugend e.V. Frankfurt/Main. It is a member of the German youth hostel federation (Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk) and in most part, the association is oriented to the rules of Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk.

Last updated January 2008