Corona regulation für meeting room guests

2. For meeting room use

2.1. Due to the high incidence figures in Frankfurt, a higher warning level will apply from January 8th, 22nd. For groups larger than 10 persons in our conference rooms the 2G+ rule applies.

Vaccinated and convalescent persons with additional proof of a booster vaccination are exempt from the additional test obligation under the 2G-Plus rule.

2.2. For events according to § 15 and § 16, Paragraph 2 of the CoSchuV (e.g. vocational training, courses, owner meetings, business meetings, ...) 3G applies.
There is a requirement to wear a mask in the meeting room.
In the case of catering services, non-vaccinated and non-recovered people are not permitted to enter the dining room. Lunch and dinner are not possible in the house for this group of people.